Muffler and Exhaust Systems

NorCal Muffler & Truck Inc.There are numerous reasons to replace or upgrade your vehicles muffler or exhaust system. Increased performance is the primary reason people upgrade their exhaust system, while many standard exhaust systems are replaced and repaired because of general wear and tear, which causes increased noise and decreased performance for your vehicle. NORCAL Muffler offers a wide variety of muffler and exhaust system products, upgrades and solutions. NORCAL Muffler will perform a full, custom exhaust and muffler fitment for ANY vehicle, ANY way the customer wants it. If we don’t offer the service that you need, we will refer you to a qualified professional facility and we frequently custom quote unique jobs.

The services we offer are:

  • Replacement or repair of new or existing muffler or exhaust problem
  • Full Custom fitment or installation for any vehicle

Why do I need a new muffler?
People generally need a new muffler because their vehicle has gotten noisy, and a muffler is the mechanism that keeps a vehicle quiet.

What does a performance muffler and exhaust system do?
A performance muffler and exhaust system lets air flow through and exit the exhaust system more easily, therefore increasing the vehicles performance and sound.

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